What equipment will our club have?

Seek Fitness have partnered up with fitness company Precor to supply and install the very latest in cardio equipment, pin loaded weights and free weights.

We have a state of the art spin room with virtual spin available. 

Do we run group classes?


We have free for members (FFM) group fitness and spin classes available.

Some classes may incur a fee of $10 for members $15 for non members.

Can I pay my membership fees upfront?

Yes, please see our staff at reception to arrange this. There is a 10% discount on annual membership fees when paid upfront. 

Will I need to bring a towel to train?

Yes! it is a requirement of our club that all members use a towel during workouts. 

Do you have child minding facilities?

No. However we do have a children's only area that will be sure to entertain them.

What is tail gaiting? 

Tail gaiting is when you allow a non member to follow you in when you access our club. Our cameras are linked to special software designed to alert us when this happens. A tail gating fee of $40 will be charged to your account if you are found to be allowing non members access. Every member accessing our club needs to swipe their access key to log their entry.